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EV charging – bp pulse

Do you want to join an exciting team that is determined to drive bp’s strategy to be net zero by 2050? 
Woman charging her vehicle at bp pulse station
During the last 10 years we have driven the change to electric automobile charging, to reach our goal towards a more sustainable future.


At bp pulse we are globally changing how the world influences transport. bp is dedicated to deliver competent EV charging, to all customers, wherever they need to access this, be it at home, work or whilst travelling.


If you are an engineer, marketer or developer and you want to be a part of this team to drive the Evolution, please look at our opportunities.

Who we are

Our mission? Driving change

We know that charging electric vehicles is different from refuelling other vehicles, but we don’t believe that difference should mean that it’s more difficult.  We believe that electric vehicle charging should be fast and hassle-free, without you having to worry about how, where or when you will charge.  


Our story

Over the course of more than 10 years, we have established ourselves as the leader in electric vehicle charging, enabling EV drivers to charge at home, at work, and on the go etc.


From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business