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Intern programmes

It will not be possible to apply for a job on bp.com from 12-15 May 2023 while we update our application system.

Check back here after 17 May 2023 to find some great new job opportunities!

You’ll be able to begin your career in a challenging environment characterized by innovative thinking and teamwork

Intern programmes

Our 12-week summer internship programme is based in Jakarta and will commence in February - March 2023. It is designed to give you maximum exposure to our business. You will become part of a collaborative and inclusive workplace as you build on your technical and interpersonal skills, and you’ll be able to begin your career in a challenging and  environment.


Applications will open soon.

Rewards and benefits

Rewards and benefits
  • Compensation allowance during the kerja praktek or internship


Smiling student using a tablet computer
  • To apply, you’ll need to be in your penultimate year of study for kerja praktek or recently graduated (up to maximum one year from graduation) for an internship.
  • We look for students or recent graduates with a strong academic background and the determination and passion it takes to flourish.

Intern application process