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Caring for our planet

Our sustainability frame includes a focus on making a positive difference to the environment in which we operate. The scope of our care for our planet aims covers biodiversity, water management, nature-based solutions including those that reduce or remove carbon emissions, circularity and sustainable purchasing

Caring for our planet

The continued decline in biodiversity, the ‎degradation of our environment and the increasing scarcity of clean water pose ‎serious risks to our wellbeing, as well as the diversity of species that inhabit our ‎planet.‎

These changes can also reduce the ability of ecosystems to take carbon out of the ‎atmosphere, making it harder to tackle climate change.

Five aims to help care for our planet

We have set five aims to help care for our planet. They cover enhancing biodiversity, water management, nature-‎based solutions including those that reduce or remove carbon emissions, circularity and sustainable ‎purchasing.

Aim 16: enhancing biodiversity


Our aim 16 is making a positive impact through our actions to restore, maintain and enhance biodiversity where we work.

We will do this by putting our biodiversity position into action. In doing so, we expect that from 2022 all new bp projects in scope will have plans in place aiming to achieve net positive impact (NPI), with a target to deliver 90% of actions within five years of project approval. We also aim to enhance biodiversity at our major operating sites and support biodiversity restoration and sustainable use of natural resource projects in the countries where we have current or growing investments.

We will also continue to work with others, including our joint ventures, to influence and promote collective action on biodiversity.

Aim 17: water positive


Our aim 17 is becoming water positive by 2035.

We aim to replenish more freshwater than we consume in our operations. We will do this by being more ‎efficient in operational freshwater use and effluent management, and by collaborating with others to ‎replenish freshwater in stressed and scarce catchment areas where we operate.

Aim 18: championing nature-based solutions


Our aim 18 is championing nature-based solutions and enabling certified natural climate solutions.

We aim to use nature-based solutions (NbS) to deliver value and contribute to our people and planet aims ‎in our operations and through our business activities. We will also support the development of scalable ‎markets for certified natural climate solutions that help the world reduce deforestation, get to net zero and ‎deliver environmental and social benefits.

Aim 19: unlock circularity


Our aim 19 is to unlock new sources of value through circularity.

We want to keep materials in use for longer and value them throughout their life cycle. We’ll do this by using resources responsibly and embracing circular principles in design, operations and decommissioning and aim to work with partners and our joint ventures to create opportunities.

Aim 20: sustainable purchasing


Our aim 20 is developing a more sustainable supply chain.

We’ll work with our key suppliers to embed sustainable practices, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas ‎emissions and increasing the circularity of what we buy.‎

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  • Historic data is available and can be viewed in a variety of chart formats

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