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Just transition

Our aim 12 is to support a just energy transition that advances human rights and education

bp and a just transition

We support the Paris Agreement, which recognizes the importance of a just transition – one that delivers decent work, quality jobs and supports the livelihoods of local communities.

To support a just energy transition, we aim to collaborate with key stakeholders and other industries to support the advancement of human rights through the transition. We will do this by developing just transition plans in priority areas and helping the workforce to develop skills for the future energy system, taking a socially inclusive approach. We aim to build stronger relationships with local communities, based on mutual trust and respect, and will support civic dialogue, greater transparency and capacity building, where we work.


What we mean by a just transition

We view a just transition as one that mitigates the potential adverse impacts of a low carbon energy ‎transition on workers and communities, while also promoting the sustainable opportunities that low ‎carbon industries can bring to workers and communities. We believe that actions taken to advance a just ‎transition are most effective when based on a shared agenda and developed through dialogue with ‎stakeholders, including workers, communities, governments, unions and employers.‎


Just transition for the workforce


We aim to provide our people with the skills they need for their current roles and for the energy transition. We use skills forecasting and capability plans to help us make decisions about recruitment and development.

We support education and employability activities that help people develop transferrable skills needed for careers in energy and other sectors, often with a focus on disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. We do this through many partnerships and social investments.

Just transition for local communities


We are working to develop collaborations to support the just transition in local communities where we work. In the UK we are scoping a just transition initiative in Aberdeen. And in 2021 we engaged extensively with the local community in Teesside to help us develop our bids for H2Teesside and NZT Power projects so that they include proposals to help local people build skills and capabilities, to foster community regeneration, and to advance social mobility.