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Sustainable livelihoods

Our aim 13 is helping more than 1 million people build sustainable livelihoods and resilience‎
Group of engineers walking on path shaded by trees

How we will meet our aim

We will support the communities where we work to build greater resilience and more sustainable livelihoods. We’ll focus our social investment in support of our sustainability aims. Through these actions we aim to reach more than 1 million people. We will also support our workforce through quality jobs with fair conditions.

This aim goes to the heart of our purpose. We believe self-reliant and resilient communities are ‎fundamental to building back better after the COVID-19 pandemic and to bringing stability to an ever-‎changing world – and we want to collaborate with our local communities to do this.‎

We support sustainable livelihoods in local communities through a number of our businesses and have ‎done some initial work to understand what’s working well to help us do more in future:‎


  • we will work with priority bp sites and businesses where local community needs are greatest to ‎assess needs and develop or update local plans – including actions to support re-skilling, ‎entrepreneurship, micro-credit and other kinds of sustainable development
  • at the same time, we will develop group-level targets and define what we mean by success so we ‎can track and report our progress
  • we will work to focus 70% of our social investment expenditure on this aim and our others – from ‎livelihoods to access to clean water
  • we will focus on initiatives that have even greater impact and look at how global partnerships can ‎support local needs.

Supporting sustainable livelihoods in 2021

We are in the process of defining a more systematic approach to how we help people and communities develop sustainable livelihoods and become more resilient. We already collaborate in this respect with local communities in several locations around the world, including the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritania and Senegal, Indonesia and Angola.


Fair wage

bp was the first major energy, mobility and convenience employer to be accredited as a Living Wage Employer by the Living Wage Foundation in the UK. We aspire to provide all our employees worldwide with fair wages and in 2021 we partnered with the Fair Wage Network to increase our understanding of the different definitions of fair wages and to benchmark against its extensive fair and living wage database.

During 2022 we will continue working with the Fair Wage Network to develop our fair wage objective.