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bp at a glance

We are an integrated energy business with operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa

Our business model

Delivering energy solutions to customers around the world

Our structure – select a business group
A woman at a meeting in a bp office

Countries of operation




Million barrels of oil equivalent upstream production


Retail sites 


Our beliefs

‘Who we are’ defines what we stand for at bp, building on our best qualities and those things that are most important to us. It comprises three simple beliefs that can inspire each of us at bp to be our best every day
Who we are


Sustainability means building a resilient bp: a business that is competitive in all conditions, that recognises the urgency of the climate challenge and plays its part in driving the transition to a lower carbon world.


Sustainability reporting

The energy transition

The transition to a lower carbon future has begun, but it is clear there is not going to be just one low carbon energy answer. We are thinking hard about what the future might hold. 


Think ahead with us using our Statistical Review of World Energy and Energy Outlook

Our transformation

We’re transforming bp so we can deliver the secure, affordable, lower carbon energy the world increasingly wants and needs.


Our transformation

Our reports

Find out more about bp and about the energy industry in our comprehensive business reports and expert forecasts